With the CSIT WSG2021 in October, the Italian summer will be extended by one month

On 18 June, the Mayor of Cervia, Massimo Medri, the Councillor for Sport, Michela Brunelli and CSIT President Bruno Molea presented the CSIT WSG2021 to the press in Cervia. The 7th edition of the CSIT World Sports Games from 12 to 17 October will bring more than two thousand amateur athletes from all over the world to Italy. Mayor Medri and CSIT President Molea are ready to welcome the athletes.

The WSG2021 presentation took place at the Grand Hotel Cervia, which will be the headquarters of the organising committee during the Games and also the famous and infamous “Casa Italia”, the Games’ communication centre. “With the World Sports Games in October, we are extending the summer of the Emilia Romagna Riviera by more than a month,” commented Councillor Brunelli. “Cervia and its twin towns are ready for the CSIT.”

CSIT President Bruno Molea is proud that the CSIT World Games will take place despite the situation that is still tense because of Corona: “In the middle of the pandemic, right now we need the courage to start again. We are lucky to be doing this in a country with a very high affinity for tourism and sport. Let’s all work together to make the 2021 CSIT World Games something very special”.¬†


Grand Hotel Cervia as the centre of the Games

The headquarters of the WSG2021 organising committee will be located in the Grand Hotel Cervia. A historic building that is considered a symbol of local tourism. From the terrace, there is a magnificent view of the beautiful sea in front of Cervia. The Grand Hotel was inaugurated in 1931 and is one of the most prestigious buildings in the area. For decades, the social history of the Emilia Romagna Riviera was shaped on the terrace of the 90-year-old building.

Currently, the Grand Hotel is being renovated. Work will stop during the Games to make room for the Games headquarters and to guarantee a smooth operation. The hotel will house the secretariats, the press room and the conference room. There will be space for social events, functions and meetings in the lounge of the Grand Hotel’s bathhouse overlooking the sea.